Bridal – Sylvie




Diamond engagement rings are quite possibly the oldest and most trusted style of engagement ring available today. Diamonds are naturally made from carbon, which undergoes an extreme amount of heat and pressure in the depths of the earth. The rough stones are then mined, cut, and polished to show off their innate beauty as the sparkling diamonds you see in diamond jewelry stores in Austin, TX. They are a popular choice for many styles of jewelry, however, no one can argue that the diamond’s true place is within a gorgeous engagement ring. When you’re ready to ask the woman you love to be your wife, choose a diamond engagement ring by Sylvie and take her breath away.


By Sylvie Collection


Sylvie is a two-time winner earning awards for:

“2013 Winner: Best in Show of the Platinum Guild International USA (PGI) JCK Jewelers’ Choice”

“2014 Winner: Buyer’s Choice Award for Everyday Platinum Fashion Jewelry” of the Platinum Innovation Awards”

Through Sylvie, you will find a new standard for affordable luxury and the highest standards of craftsmanship in diamond rings, Austin TX. The beauty and passion Sylvie sees around her are reflected in all of her designs, no matter your budget, and are always from ethical sources. It is because of our brands that we have become a premium diamond jewelry store in Austin, TX.