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Twine by Anna Ehrner


Inspired by the ability of glass to flow freely and in a playful way, Anna Ehrner’s Twine Series uses this in a way that is also strict and clean. She has combined these two qualities into a vase which reflects light in an exciting way so that it can be just as beautiful with or without flowers.

Glass is poured by hand over the mouth-blown vases to form an organic pattern.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Small Blue Twine Vase: Style #7041403
Large Blue Twine Vase: Style #7041404
Large Grey Twine Vase: Style #7041402
Small Grey Twine Vase: Style #7041401

Twine Vase, Small Blue

Twine Vase, Large Blue

Twine Vase, Large Grey

Twine Vase, Small Grey

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Anna Ehrner

For her, creativity takes place in the blowing room: this is where glass is conceived, where it is fashioned, and where it comes alive. Anna Ehrner is an experimental and minimalist stylist. Her work is distinguished by simple yet powerful shapes and an ability to achieve artful displays using color in subtle ways. Veils of color inside the glass have become something of Anna Ehrner’s trademark, as have the lofty different colored stalks that are characteristic of her art glass.