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Still Life by Ludvig Löfgren


The Still Life Series by Ludvig Löfgren is inspired by Hamlet. They were first released in 2008, and since then, skulls have become more popular than ever. They have been used in thousands of still lifes, to serve desserts, as paperweights, on the most beautifully set tables, and now as tealight candle holders.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Grey: Style #7061402 / Silver: Style #7061521 / Clear: Style #7060820 / Pearl: Style #7061400

Light Pink: Style #7061524 / Light Blue: Style #7061523 / Light Green: Style #7061402 / Gold: Style #7061520

Green: Style #7061111 / Purple: Style #7061112 / Red: Style #7061110 / Pink: Style #7061401





Light Pink

Light Blue

Light Green






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Ludvig Löfgren

Ludvig Löfgren

With a sensitive, passionate, and patient approach to glass, he describes atmosphere and depicts moods through references both to past and present. Before enrolling at the University College of Arts Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Ludvig Löfgren worked as a glass blower. His constant search for challenges often results in hours of experimenting, both in the studio and in the hotshop. With his vast knowledge of glass as well as his artistic talent, he shatters many limits. Ludvig Löfgren gathers inspiration from many different genres, including everything from the fashion world to tattooing techniques. His artistic expression is youthful and filled with attitude, but at the same time it is brutally conscious.