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Red Rim by Bertil Vallien


Wanting to make a classic and decorative, yet functional product that celebrates the craft and inherent beauty of glass, Bertil Vallien created Red Rim. The edges of this series are softly rounded and finished by a bold red rim of glass. While the body has a dramatic tension of twisted blue colors evolving an otherwise simple form into a work of art.

Products are hand-made, lead-free, and made in Kosta, Sweden.

From left to right, top to bottom:

White Brains Footed Vase: Style #7091534 / Orange Brains Footed Vase: Style #7091533 / Blue Brains Footed Vase: Style #7091535

Small Bowl: Style #7051500 / Large Bowl: Style #7051407 / Orange Vase: Style #7041501 / Large Vase: Style #7041408 / Small Vase: Style #7041407

Blue Bottle: Style #7041502 / White Bottle: Style #7041503 / Green Bottle: Style #7041504

Red Rim Brains Footed Vase, White

Red Rim Brains Footed Vase, Orange

Red Rim Brains Footed Vase, Blue

Red Rim Bowl, Small

Red Rim Bowl, Large

Red Rim Footed Vase, Orange

Red Rim Vase, Large

Red Rim Vase, Small

Red Rim Bottle, Blue

Red Rim Bottle, White

Red Rim Bottle, Green

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Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien’s sand-casted glass boats stir up elements of the subconscious. If you pause to analyze them, they will become slippery and slip away, like dreams. These silent, slender boats have glided over the world’s seas with their messages and raised eyebrows for nearly 30 years. Loaded with frozen symbols and secrets, they speak to us of the existential.