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Orchid by Göran Wärff


With warm shades of amber and delicate shades of purple swirling in glass, Göran Wärff’s Orchid Series is a classic, yet unique art series. The vases look as beautiful with flowers as they do without, and the dish is a perfect centerpiece for a beautifully set dinner table, as well as a wonderful statement piece for the living room.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Large Orchid Vase: Style #7040857
Orchid Dish: Style #7070829
Small Orchid Vase: Style #7040856

Orchid Vase, Large

Orchid Dish

Orchid Vase, Small

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Göran Wärff

The melt and the glowing in the furnace are what draws Göran Wärff to new discoveries. Göran Wärff has always shown special interest in preserving the traditional skills of the master craftsmen in glassblowing and glass cutting. Each piece that he designs, he tries to make a receptacle for light, warmth, and sensuality. The play of light within the clear volume of the glass and the endless optical phenomena that occur as the glass diffracts the light are a recurring theme in his art and design work.