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Brains by Bertil Vallien


Capturing the mind in a swirl of wonder and thoughtfulness, Bertil Vallien’s enigmatic “Brains” lay somewhere between sculpture and functional art. One can’t help but to think about the creativity used to create such a magnificent work.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Karolina, Blue: Style #7099859
Oden, Black Gold: Style #7090898
Jiménez, Blue Silver: Style #7090307

Karolina, Blue

Oden, Black Gold

Jiménez, Blue Silver

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Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien’s sand-casted glass boats stir up elements of the subconscious. If you pause to analyze them, they will become slippery and slip away, like dreams. These silent, slender boats have glided over the world’s seas with their messages and raised eyebrows for nearly 30 years. Loaded with frozen symbols and secrets, they speak to us of the existential.