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Handblown glass has been produced in Sweden for more than two and a half centuries. And yet, the story of Orrefors begins with iron and the forest. In 1726, Lars Johan Silversparre received permission to build a furnace and a smithy at “the beautiful river that flows into Lake Orrenas”. The iron works were given the name Orrefors, which means “the Orre waterfall”. However, production of iron became less and less profitable as time went on. At the same time, forestry became increasingly important, and glass artwork was built in 1898 to utilize spilled timber and labor resources.

Throughout the 20th century, Orrefors made breakthrough after breakthrough. Their success throughout Europe led to the arrival of new designers, and the new designers led to innovative art, which led to marvelous results. Their glass artwork still makes the name “Orrefors” a worldwide synonym for quality and beauty.

Award Winning Glass Art Since 1925.